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Need 1992 riviera RH FT motor mount


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Ok, this part is driving me crazy. I can not find it anywhere. I took my car the dealership for repair and was told that the part was discontinued. After the dealer did a nationwide search none were available. I have been searching for 5 weeks now with no luck.

A few part suppliers cataloge a rh ft mount for a 1992 riviera but that part is not compatible with the vehicle. The design is completely different.

The dealership told me I may have to junk the car. I love my riviera and refuse to do so. I was able to find a use mount that is in better condition than mine, but i still am in need.

Can anyone help me find a new RH FT motor mount or provide a fabrication shop that can make one?

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So yours DOESN'T look like this?



The same year Olds Toronado should use the same mounts.

As for custom fabrication, hotrodders have been building motor mounts for decades. The factory hydraulic mounts are tuned and a custom made mount will not have this feature, so some additional vibration will be transmitted, but a competent shop should be able to fabricate something that works. Where are you located?

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