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A couple of friend's old rides....


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Here are a couple of friend's old rides. The first is my buddy John Finn (Congressional Medal of Honor winner due to his efforts at Pearl Harbor to protect out great country) and his wife Alice in their early days on his BMW.

The second couple is my friend Niles Thomas and his wonderful wife, Irene in their earlier days.



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Interesting picture of the Beemer. Looks like a circa 1930 R4 single. I have a rare 1932 R16 750 ohv twin also utilizing the pressed steel frame. A little known fact is that technology was licensed pre ww2 from the American "Budd" Corporation! I lost a friend a few years ago who also had a pre war Beemer new in 1939 and then spent 4 years in the South Pacific on the USS Denver. Kind of ironic , these BMW's being made by Japan's "AXIS" partner.

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Yep....my buddy John Finn is still kicking and was just featured on t.v. as touring the White House with President Obama. He still has that bike plus an early Excelsior with 1923 Plates on it.

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The bike your friend Niles is on looks to be a '47 Knucklehead. Doesn't look new but the wide white on the front does. Wonder what year that was taken and what happened to the bike.

Interesting options on that bike. DeLuxe saddlebags and seat, chrome trim on fenders, etc. But, painted (not chrome) rims.

And, a salute to your friend John Finn. It's guys like him that helped preserve the freedom we enjoy today.

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