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My wife got confirmation this morning. She's been offered a new job at a pharmaceutical manufacturer in West Virginia. She's taking it.<P>It's going to be a different sort of life there, one where I don't have space for a car collection. I'm selling half my vehicles over the next couple of months.<P>As you all know, I've been watching over an original 1940 Chrysler Royal coupe for about two years now. It needs a complete restoration but all big pieces are present, original drivetrain, etc. Much as it breaks my heart to do it, I think this will be one of the cars that is sold.<P>I want this car to see a proper restoration. It was my dream to do it, but I think now it will have to be someone else's dream. frown.gif" border="0<P>General photos and story of the car: <A HREF="http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjahome.html" TARGET=_blank>http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjahome.html</A> <P>Photos showing the worst of the damage: <A HREF="http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjaclea.html" TARGET=_blank>http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjaclea.html</A> <BR>(the floor is rusted out but otherwise there's not much rust)<P>Man. It hurts to even write this. The only good side is that the money I get for the Chrysler will be put in a special savings account earmarked for restoring the one antique I'm keeping, my 1970 Charger.<P>I guess about $1000 is right for a car like this.<P>West Virginia is going to be really nice overall -- I've lived there before -- but selling the cars sucks. frown.gif" border="0<P>Bry

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Bry,<P>Selling a car can have its up's and down's... but at the same time... it can be very liberating. And to top it off, it's exit is providing you the means to attend to another car's needs... so thats a good thing.<P>Congrats on your wife's promotion! Virginia is beautiful!<P>Peter

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