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65 door skin and rear window adjustement

Guest Mohogs

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Guest Bronie

hey guys,

My passenger side window doesnt roll all the way down, most likely a stopper issue. Do I have to take off the door skin just to adjust the window?

I am also having issues with my rear driver window, seems like its getting stuck when mid way when going up or down. Makes it worse when I put on the interior and chrome trim, seems to make it even worse than previously. I have taken the whole track assembly apart in the past when i put in new window motors and lubed it up. Should I adjust the track and lube it up again. Need to get this done ASAP because can't go any further with my interior until that is complete.



65 Riv Custom

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I spent around 3 days playing with mine and ended up paying someone to fix all of it and it was a $250 well spent because they worked far far and away better than I could get them and took far less time than I had spent. Sorry I can't help but this is one thing where I, the avid DIY type of person, drop back and punted on. I'll be watching to see if any good ideas come out.

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There's no way to adjust the front windows (that I know) except by removing the door skin. The upside is that is removing the skin is simply a matter of removing the bolts and perhaps the front top trim piece.

Once the skin is removed you have full access to the window, tracks, motor and vents. It's probably a good idea when the door is off to prime and seal the metal surface at the inside bottom of the door or coat it with rust inhibitor. It's also a good time to replace the door handle gaskets.

I can't help you with the rear window, but I can tell you that it's a hassle. Good luck.

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There are some large phillips head screws holding the door skin to the door at the top. To access these screws, you need to remove the short stainless piece right below the vent window. There's a small screw on the front of this trim piece that needs to be removed, then the stainless piece can be slipped forward and removed. Be careful not to damage the stainless piece when removing it. You'll be tempted to tap it off using a screw driver and hammer but don't, the screw driver will cut or bend the stainless. A block of wood works much better if you need a persuader. Once that stainless is removed, you'll see the larger screws. If you're working on the driver's door, you'll have to be conscience of the remote mirror control if your car is so equipped.


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