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Cadillac axles, but what year??

addicted to cars

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Contracting band rear brakes were last used on 1927 314C. Wheel size looks to be about 21"or 20", and 21"was size for 314 (except for heavy commercial chassis which were listed as 20". Previuos model V63 had 23"wheels which these are not. So to me it appears to be 1926-7 314, either series A,B, or C.

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Guest Captain Tailfin

Check with Dick Shappy in Rhode Island as he has restored MANY Early Cadillacs and has a big parts stash as well

Visit his website at www.classiccars.ws

and check out his Galleries... don't miss the 1911 Osgood Trolley Car

Man... Talk about dedication to the Hobby... he had to erect a special TALLER Garage on his property just to work on it..

Also check out his "found" Duesenberg

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Particularly interesting to see mechanical detail of cars that I am aware of, but have never had a chance to examine. Now this thread started on early Cadillac axles: If you look at the picture of the 1914 Pope Hartford rear axle, it appears that Pope used a Timken unit virtually identical to that used by Cadillac about 1912-13.

Ivan Saxton

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