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23 Buick roadster convertible top rear window

Mike Markin

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Mike, I have a 23 McLaughlin Buick 5 passenger touring. I have the pieces of my top to include the back window. Yours should be similar. You can see a picture of the window (second picture in the series) at www.picasaweb.google.com/unimogjohn Look under the album title 23 top construction. If it is what you are looking for I will dig it out and measure it for you tomorrow morning. You can also look at the albums for the other 23 and 24 McLaughlin Buicks from Australia. Both has correct windows (at least for McLaughlins)

John in VA unimogjohn@aol.com

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Mike....I have a 21 44 roadster and I believe it is supposed to have an oval window but mine has a rectangular...could be my whole top assembly was off a 54 because I needed to shorten the bows by 2" for a better fit..

I have an oval window and it may have been the original window from my 21...inside dimensions of the glass in the oval are 15-1/2 x 7-3/4.

I will check with the guy putting the top on and see what the rectangular window is. If he hasn't made the top yet I could substitute the oval in my top and if the rectangular is what you need we can make it available...If it is already installed then you are welcome to my oval window if it works for you

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The window in Leif's picture does look like the one I have....As I read the description I often wondered if I had a mix and match of cars . My radiator is chrome on a 21 it could very well have come off of a 23-54. I always thought that original restorer had it done that way as a sporty personal option. but when the bows were long and the window rectanguar it sort of adds up. I will stop to see the top guy tomorrow and substitute the oval if he has not gotten that far.

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I thought you were talking about a 4 cyl

All 23's use a rectangular rear window 44, 45, and 49,

24" x 6"

I think the 54,&55 may have a different frame,

Dave chamers article in Antique Automobile may have

the answer, I'll check tonight.


22-6-55 Sport Touring

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you are in luck the top guy had not installed the window yet so I brought down my oval...I think correct for a 21-44 . And I have the rectangle for you...24 X 6 with 1-1/2 radius corners ..the outer frame looks like nickle.

Send me an email and we will figure out how to get this to you

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