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'62 transmissions also fit WHAT?

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Transmission question, and probably an easy one for all the longtime Mopar fanatics...

I have a '62 Plymouth. The motor is stuck solid, and doesn't wanna budge, but I may have found one from a different year.

So, what do I need to look out for? Especially, what other years will a 1962 318 fit up with, in terms of the bell housings? I'd hate to buy a '65 or '66 engine only to find out the tranny is different.

Any info is appreciated.


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I have a 64 Plymouth with Poly power. I know that my trans (727 auto) will bolt up to a modern 318, 340, or 360. I think yours will also. Try posting your question on Moparts

www.moparts.com or join the 62 to 65 Mopar web site & mailing list.


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