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Vintage Steam Products, LLC Now In Dallas, TX

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Donald and Carolyn Hoke have purchased Vintage Steam Products, LLC from Art Hart of Ottsville, PA. The company is now in Dallas and we are filling orders.


We are completely and totally committed to continuing Art's tradition of excellent parts and exceptional customer service. Don spent several days with Art reviewing supplers, tooling, manufacturing techniques, etc.

We are proud to continue the use of Art's suppliers and products as well as the use of Art's tools and tooling to meet the needs of the steam car community.

Eric Wagner will be handling the Locomobile parts and Don Bourdon will be making the feed water heaters.

We will be adding a condensing car wheel puller and large flare nuts later this spring.

We will have an updated catalogue available soon.

Please tell us what other products we can supply to the steam car community and how we can help you keep your steam car on the road.

Thank you very much for keeping Art and Rosie in your hearts and prayers.

Very best wishes!

Donald & Carolyn Hoke, Proprietors

Successors to Art Hart, Proprietor


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