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1939 Dodge four door fast back<<<QUESTIONS>>>

Justin .H.

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Firstly thanks to all of those in this community for giving up there time and resorces in helping identfy my Dodge.I have what seems to bo a 1939 Canadian made four door fast back that accepts plymouth parts.Please feel free to agree or comment once you have viewed the pics.

Can anyone tell me how to remake a complete drip rail or if they can be sorced NOS.I would also like a ram for the nose with the small piece of trim under it.

Any comments or general advise on parts or your experiance would be appreciated.Cheers





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As far as the drip rail, ( I assume you are talking about the lip on the roof over the doors) I have never seen them available. The ram ornament shows up on ebay occasionally. I imagine that the '39 Dodge ornament from an American Dodge would be the same, but would research the part number in a parts book prior to purchasing one.

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Guest elmo39

justin i don't think you would be able to buy a new drip rail ,your best idea would be do what i had to do when i needed to replace one on my 39 DeSoto , i cut one out of a rusted out D11 dodge which used the same body . in the end i bought a complete body it was easier and didn't have to use it. i'm not to sure what happened to the rail whether i thru it out or kept it i will look for it as soon as i have a chance , with a bit of modification it should be able to be made to fit , as for the Ram as keiser said check first before buying one , i am not to sure and could be proved wrong but i think the D12 D13 canadian rams were different to the US , in that the radiator surround they were fitted to was a different length, but please dont take my word for it and check before you buy . i do know a person in this area that used to , or could still have a D12 , i will see what i can find ouy for you

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Justin .H.</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks keiser 31.

It may be that I have to fabricate a new one,steep learning curve these restos.Dont spose you have a parts book available for my year?How are your cars progresing or are they complete?.

Cheers for the info, Justin</div></div>

Justin...I have no parts book for your car. My original '31 coupe is still in the "apart" stage. Still out of work so it will have to wait. My 2nd '31 (in my profile) is resting in the garage until it gets warm enough to finish the flywheel resurfacing and clutch replacement.

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