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(NOTE: If you are no longer an AACA Webmaster please forward this to

your new Region/Chapter Webmaster.)

AACA Webmasters,

GOOD NEWS! The new AACA server is up and running. The new server is faster,

will continue to provide Frontpage extensions, and it will now support

additional ways to develop and maintain your webiste including FTP access

and content management system (CMS) support.

I am going to start migrating the AACA hosted region and chapter sites to

the new in the coming week. The URL to your site will not change. If you

notice your site is down or that you no longer can login it will be because

of the migration. I'll try to keep the outage as short as possible.


Please provide the information even if your site is not hosted on the AACA


1. First name/last name:

2. Address:

3. City/state/zip:

4. Phone:

5. Primary email:

6. Full url to your website:

7. Are you using frontpage? Y/n

8. Do you want to continue to use microsoft frontpage? Y/n

9. If you answered no to 7 or 8 what web editor do you want/prefer to use?

(I.E. Dreamweaver, text editor, etc.)

10. Would you be interested in using a content management system (cms) like

joomla or wordpress? Y/n (which one)

11. Do you know how to use FTP applications? Y/n

OPTIONAL: If you prefer to have you AACA hosted site taken down and

instead be replaced with generic information about your club, please

provide me the following information:

1. Club name:

2. Address:

3. City/state/zip:

4. Phone:

5. Primary email:

6. Full url to your website:

OPTIONAL: If you use an instant messenging application like YAHOO, MSN,

AIM or ICHAT please add me to your list and message me at:

yim: petergar

msn: petergar@yahoo.Com

aim: rockyg

ichat: rockyg

Thanks in advance for your patience and for answering all these questions

asap. I will be contacting you when your site has moved.


Peter Gariepy


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