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Something else that goes with age not miles.


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Developed a squeak in the 88 and did some searching while up for an oil change. Turned out the sway bar link bushings were disintegrating.

Looked fine the last time I checked several years ago and car is still well under 100k miles so seems to be age rather than miles related and my car has always been garaged or covered.

SL100HD seems to be the aftermarket p/n for the 88/89 which fortunately uses a standard arrangement unlike 90/91. These are supposed to be polyurethane while the originals were delrin and not rubber.

Should have been a 20 minute job but took 2 hours because the factory through bolt appears to be plain steel and the washers/sleeve did not want to budge.

Liberal application of PB Blaster and use of a pair of vice grips on the washers starting with the top one finally loosened it all up at the cost of a swollen thumb. Replacement was then quick including coating the entire bolt with anti-seize (uses a self locking nut).

One note, no neeed to tighten the nut very far, just enough for two or three threads to be above the nut, there is suposed to be some compliance.


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Prosteer (Pep Boys TradeMark) R black. Did not feel like rubber. Note that AZ also uses the same part number, just with "Duralast" name. McQuay-Norris uses the same SL100HD part number & may be mfr.

ES p/n is 9.8123R(ed) or B(lack) (2" spacer sleeve)- have some red ones around here just could not find quickly, will see how these feel.

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Guest Mike_s

If you going for color coordination you may as well look at the blue moog, aqua spicers and spicers pink, "Optional Performance" ones over at RA.

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