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Need two Stromberg EX-23 carbs for my Indy car

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At the York Swap Meet, I picked up a high compression aluminum cylinder head and two EX-23 1-bbl downdraft carbs for my Indy car engine (250 cu in President 8). I need two more of the EX-23's. These were used on 1935 and later Dictators, etc. The base has EX-23 cast into it. They just need to be in decent rebuildable condition. What have you got?

I am also looking for parts and advice for the cylinder head gasket. I've heard horror stories about aluminum heads sticking to blocks. Any tips to avoid that? Where do I get a proper gasket?

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Give Olsen's Gaskets a call and talk to Sandy and see what he thinks about your situation. He may have a replacement in stock. They are located in Port Orchard, Washington.

Here is their business number 1-360-871-1207

Let the forum know what he suggests as I have an aluminum head also.


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Guest stude8


The first source for prewar Studebaker gaskets is Dave Jahn in Gilbert, IL 847-488-0486, he has a wide selection of NOS 1920's thru 1930's head gaskets on hand.

We also just went through the head gasket details a few months ago on this site <span style="color: #000099">Well now that Rex has pointed out a possible head gasket variation I got out the factory chassis parts catalog and Studebaker says:

C-3C (1934-1937President) use 184631 head gasket

4C-6C (1938-1840President) use 191829 head gasket

My Victor head gasket catalog says:

184631 is Victor 931 (Copper material for use with Aluminum heads)

191829 is Victor 981

My McCord gasket book says:

184631 is McCord 5917 *For 1935-37 models?

191829 is McCord 6033

BUT THEN McCord book has a note that for 1934 Comm & Pres models Stude#181841 gasket is used, that is McCord 5814.[**181841 is Victor 905]

Furthermore McCord book says for 1935 Comm model 1B the gasket is 184442 "Steelpak" for use with cast iron head McCord S-5914.

So we have iron and aluminum heads and early and late model variations to deal with. I guess you might have to pull the head and try to identify what make and what part number gasket is in there.</span>

<span style="color: #FF0000"><span style="font-weight: bold">See 571204 (01/24/09) thread</span></span>.

Another gasket source is Bob Kapteyn in Joliet, IL "studebaker@mac.com" I think is his email address.

The trick with the aluminum heads on steel studs or using steel head bolts is to dope the studs/bolts with anti sieze compound before tightening them down (Permatex 133A). The old trick for a stuck head was to loosen the lifters to get both valves closed in several cylinders equally spaced from one end to the other, pull the plugs on those cylinders, fill cylinders with oil, replace plugs and crank engine, if no starter then use crow bar on flywheel, hydraulic compression will lift the head off the block.

Good luck finding the right head gasket, so many have been used up fixing the same condition you have the inventory is getting thin because the number of engines spanned several years production and those are popular years now with collectors. Stude8

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