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Window Regulator ....Possible Unread Request by Ronnie


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Below is a post by Ronnie that was entered at the end of a thread that didn't receive any replies, and may have gone unnoticed. The door glasses/regulators in our cars and the proper sealing/adjusting of for both air and water leaks are a definite weak / difficult area in design and repair. If anyone has the ability to perform a noteworthy turorial it would be greatly appreciated. Ronnie is aware of this post.


"I want to add the information below to my website as a tutorial. I have not adjusted the window regulators before. It would make it much clearer about how to adjust the regulator of someone would take the photo at the bottom of the page and label the bolts and other parts that need to be adjusted.

Any help would be appreciated, including a step by step write up on adjusting the window regulator if you wish to contribute."

Originally Posted By: padgett

There are two in-out adjustments, one at the bottom of the fixed glass channel at the bottom of the door and another near the top of the rear channel and next to the door handle. There is also a front-rear adjustment under the mirror wiring cover.

I have found that you adjust the fixed window first to align with the door frame and then the rear channel to control the window gap to the fixed channel and to minimise binding. The center channel is also adjustable but I have never figured out for what.

Originally Posted By: jcc3inc

Near the lower left corner are (2) capscrews which hold the back window guide. I replaced these with longer metric screws and added a 9/16" spacer to move the bottom of this guide outward; this was done because the window moved inward as it lowered, with added friction against the inside window weatherstripping at the top/back. This friction slowed down the lowering/raising of the window, particularly on the passenger side.

Toward the front, partly hidden, are (4) rivnuts plus (1) rivnut near the speaker opening. These are aluminum bodied, with hardened steel pins inside. To remove then, I used a drift punch to push out the pins and then drilled the aluminum body with a 1/4 bit. In replacing the window regulator, I used 1/4-20 capscrews, nuts, lock washers in (3) places. In (2) of the (4) locations in the rectangular pattern I used these spring steel clip-on "U" shaped nuts as the nut locations were harder to get at.




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I agree, a step-by-step process would be good. The reason I only posted where the adjustments are and not how is because I really do not know. Have R&R'd a door glass twice now and just fumbled until it moved freely without cocking. An not real sure what I did.

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I think you did fine sir...you semi identified the adjustment screws or bolts. Still confused however....it is difficult for someone who have never been subjected to this type of repair. I hear it actually takes a lot of training - on hands instruction to be efficient in this speciality area.

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There are some adjustment instructions in the FSM, however they are vague.....location of the bolts are provided in illustrations which is nice, but then the instructions state "using a small screwdriver adjust studs" .... what studs? And in the other applications the word "adjust" is used without explanation.

Padgett has the best forum notes so far....

Still need Help please.....

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