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New car added 70 GSX


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On occasion I have wondered what my kids would ever do if they came across something I wanted. Would they have the resources? Would they ask first or just make the purchase? How would they know what I really wanted? Would this just turn out to be more work for me? You know, the same questions each of you would be asking too.

So this weekend I was astonished to find the answers to these thought provoking inquiries when my son Doug ( redwind 89) on this forum) surprised me with a 70 GSX. An amazing car for sure. I was even more surprised when he told me he happened upon a pair of them, and got himself one too. I mean, can you imagine a father son team showing up at a BCA meet with a set of identical 70 GSX's? Wow! What a thought.

The car is pretty good. The paint shines great. the chrome is straight, and complete too. The main problems are the grills are not exactly correct, and the engine and tranny may need some attention, in fact I don't think the engine will ever run. But overall, this is an amazing circumstance to me and I'd like to share a picture with you , if you don't mind.

Look below.


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Say, that looks something like the one Berta has.... I use to buy D-8 Caterpillar bulldozers, and bring them home in my pocket quite often. That collection of toys funded my 1915 Buick. I think I got the better end of the Deal when they left, and the Buick came. I couldn't help myself on Saturday and took the old Buick for a spin around the neigborhood. It felt great. Good Luck with your new pair of Buicks JD and Doug. grin.gif Dandy Dave!

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Guest Dan Cook

Had me going too. Let him know that getting you all excited like this is hard on your heart and next year you expect the real thing.


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