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who did this one ?


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Some years ago you could sometimes see a modern Rolls Royce, beautifully converted into a ute (or Pickup in your terms) running in traffic in Melbourne. Similarly, a friend has definite intentions to restore his second Tipo 8 Isotta Fraschini (engine# 4) as a ute to provide a useful vehicle for his daily use and perhaps annoyance for certain people in the hobby he little admires. And in Fred Roe's book on Duesenberg is a photo of an A Duesenberg which was used as a dealer's service car with such a body.

In slightly similr vein, the man from whom I bought my 8-115 Auburn in the 60's had at one time crammed perhaps a dozen Auburns into his backyard. One was a 1927 6cylinder which had been built into a campervan, ugly as sin. I was told that the previous owner had used it to take his girlfriend away for weekends: From the day he married her she would never ride in it again. Ivan Saxton

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