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4 hours ago, Schmiddy said:


🤣 OK, I got caught, Ed 😉 ... Looks like I can not escape this noose! 🙈
I must admit, the look of this young blonde does not leave me completely cold - and driving a '65 Riv, underscores her good taste. Fits absolutely to my booty scheme!!! 🤘😎🤩 *hahaha* 

And what is your point of view about this creature and her vehicle??? 😇


I saw the video some time ago and thought at the time she was a flake.  I'm not particularly fond of shaved Rivieras and not particularly fond of suede purple paint.  But as a model she does clean up much nicer than she appears in that video.  I'm guessing that she happened to be in the same area as one of my cars and wanted to let me take her picture with my car, I wouldn't complain.  


Now, don't even ask my opinions on these creature.



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On 2/2/2019 at 2:04 PM, Grimy said:

Grand Opening of Mustang Ranch?

Have you been there Grimy? Back in `67-69 I was stationed at NAAS Fallon and made more trips than I can count to Mustang Bridge Ranch over those two years, follow "the red arrow" across the Truckee River, park, hit the buzzer and was welcomed inside. The movie Charley Verrick with Walter Matthau has some good scenes of the Mustang Salvage Yard, and Joe Don Baker spends some time at the Ranch. Thanks for disturbing some dormant brain cells..

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Meet Bianca, she is is the second of three grand daughters who is turning 20 today. The rest are 4 boys for a grand total of 7 so far. Bianca's nickname is "B" and she always tells me that B is for Buicks



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I don’t always buy bumper guards.... but when I do..... I will try to find a set of straight ones.

Darn, hard to find and when they appear they are way up there $$$$$$ that’s why I decided to repair mine 688A3EEC-3D42-4BEC-9F9C-0865DA1D2CBE.jpeg

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