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With over 44K views, this forum is far and away the leader in the Buick threads.

Wonder what that says about the Buick guys ??????????????????????




...and I'm catching up too!



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A few more photos of Von Teese. I can't help myself. :o:o:o


She is definitely a tease.

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She looks to be around 6 or so.

Life is all about the CHILDREN, and so very sad about the storm yesterday. I was watching Fox when it was being filmed, and wondered then how bad it would be.

Terrible, just terrible.

My brother and his wife just recently left Ok, City because of all the storms.

Bless the storm victims, and their families,

Dale in Indy

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Hi All,

My submission. Yes I know it was photoshopped, but I received this 8x10 from a photog wandering around the "Abby" car show in Cannon City, Colorado, this last Saturday, where the "Baby won 1st place in the '40 to "49 Restored or origional class. According to the organizers, there were over 450 cars of all descriptions in this 31st annual car show, which benefits vetrans of all the services. HOOORAH.

Mike in Colorado

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1950 In all it's glory.

Found this on eBay. The following info is from the listing.

This original vintage file copy photographs from the estate of Joseph Jasgur, the now legendary Hollywood photographer who was active during the 1940s - 60s. The photographer died in 2009 in Orlando Florida a couple of days before his 90th birthday and his estate contents were sold in 2011 at a Hollywood auction to pay off creditors. Among the lots sold at this auction were previously unseen early images of Marilyn Monroe (she was just 19) taken by Jasgur during her Blue Book Model Agency Norma Jean days when she was an aspiring model and actress. These broke auction records, selling for a whopping $352,000.00, and increasing the visibility of the photographer substantially. Jasgur is credited with creating the urban legend or myth that Marilyn Monroe had six toes, sadly he died penniless--a victim of poor business deals and scams that kept him from profiting from his groundbreaking earlier work. This is a spectacular collection of first generation vintage gelatin silver photographs direct from the estate of Joseph Jasgur -- all sell no reserve!

An original 1948 large format gelatin silver original photograph of Tippi Hedren, which was exhibition mounted and signed in the 1980s by the photographer and hand notated "Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffith's mother) photographed by Joseph Jasgur, in Hollywood, for a Buick Auto ad. Tippi Hedren as the "star" of The Birds."

This measures a complete 10 1/4" x 13 1/4" and was mounted on a slightly larger card stock with rounded edges for file copy storing and presentation display purposes (as are many examples in this collection). This is also hand signed lower right in pen, likely in the 1980s when he was protecting his copyright. This was his archived and stored original file copy.

100% guaranteed original and vintage.

Current bid on eBay as of today 5-24-13 is $110

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She's almost 40 years younger than me in that picture.


Bernie, I was going back through this thread and remembered seeing this picture. I wanted to fix it up for you a little bit. You can blame boredom at work for that. Hope you and your wife enjoy!

P.S. You sure do get around Bernie. Where are you hiding that time machine? You got a flux capacitor in one of your Buicks???



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there should be some good captions for this one..


Some nice ones Robert Trail. Thanks Robert Trail. Happy trails. Hope I see you on the Buick Trail some day. Reckon I'll remember your last name next time...I doubt it....

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