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I see this thread is getting rather long. In the past, some folks had problems with a lot of pictures taking too long to load and the screen jumping back and forth. Is that still the case and do we need to create a Girls on Buicks V?

If you have a slow internet connection or slow computer, click on User CP above then Edit options--->thread display options--->posts per page (can set 5-40 post per page). Set to 5 and that should help. Part of the problem is that the pictures are on servers all over the world.

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Mr Earl, I think you must be right. As for 53Nailhead, under the cover is my old 1940 Coupe waiting for the addition on the garage to be completed. It is 100% original even the paint. These 2 cars sat next to each other in a barn since 1988. I got the coupe 2 years ago and finally went and rescued the Riviera last week. Just so you don't yell at me the coupe is back in the garage as the Riviera and I are leaving in the mornning for Arizona, then LA, Vegas and then back home to Michigan. By then the addition should be complete. Neil

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Now just how can you tell she's a British Engineer?

Wouldn't you like to know? Let's just say it is a secret code among members of the Commonwealth.... ;)

Instead of just looking at photos, you could always read the text of the ad too, ya know :rolleyes: There's another photo or two with that car that fits the bill.

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

My wife and her Skylark at the Pgh world of wheels show in 2007. Which is also where the picture below was taken (see the littler Buick hiding behind the big one ?)


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OK, has anyone noticed the '40 Buick Super (or Roadmaster) convert picture on the "Wheel of Fortune " set this week. Thought not, too busy watching Vanna... Look at the cars too!

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Malo, that sounds like an interesting story. Where can we find it?




here is a link

Pan Am Flight 7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I also found Tail number N90943 Pan Am Flight 6 interesting as well the original "Capt. Sully"

Pan Am Flight 6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I'm sure there is better place to get info than Wikipedia but you get the gist.


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