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9 hours ago, FLYER15015 said:

If the car is new, and judging by the sign, it is, then we're talking about somebody's grand ma, but Lord that lady has a great set of gams !


Mike in Colorado


I always liked the smooth design of the 54 "REAR END"  Need I say "MORE"


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12 minutes ago, Grimy said:

I was talking about the Skylark and the girl, but clearly you were focusing on the least attractive of the three.....  Sometimes I worry about you....


 In reality, I ended up with the comment under the wrong picture. 



 SHE DETRACTS FROM THE SKYLARK!   There, I said it plainly.😁



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Did not know that coach Ditka had a place in South West Florida. Nice car but I would preferred a whole red interior. About the girl. Some one has to trained her on Buick talk. Is not an emblem but a hood ornament and those are Kelsey Hayes wheels. The car is super maintained but the hood and trunk hinges needs attention. Oh don’t know what those gauges are called. Wonder how much this car went for.

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