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55 T-Bird

marc rowe

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Hi- no, your car was the 150,624th 1955 Ford built that year. Thunderbirds were mixed in with other cars, each assigned the next consecutive number regardless of model. The 148 means it was the 148th car that was assembled at that plant (Dearborn, by the F in the VN) that day.

40A was body style, Thunderbird.

R means Torch Red body color.

B means interior trim color, in this case red and white interior

4B means your car was built on the 4th day of "B" month, thus February 4th, and your car was the 148th car built at that plant on February 4th.

SD is the dealer code, your car was assigned to a dealer in Boston

Have fun with it! dc

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Guest bchevy

Actually I think this is the 50,624th car made for that model year. As I understand it the VINS started at 100,000 and that the 1st 100 or so VINs were all Tbirds.

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