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Welcome Back Old Friend

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After ten years my little old '34 has come home. grin.gif

I owned this car back in the 90's and always kicked myself for selling it (needed room and money for another project).

So it was a good feeling when John, the fellow I sold it to, agreed to sell it back to me.

Got it home last weekend and have been having fun with it ever since.

Even Di (my wife) was pleased to see it back as the '34 took us and our 4 young (at the time) children on many a trip with the Buick Club, including our youngest daughter Michelle who was 9 moths old when it was sold............I don't understand how she can't remember being in it.

I will post some more photos of the interior soon.

Welcome home .............????

Hmmmmm.............I think I need Mr earl to suggest a name or 2 to consider. wink.gif

I've always called her the 34 but maybe it's time she was given a more personalised name?






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It looks like the interim caretaker took good care of "The 34". The car looks great and will definitely fill a void in your life.

Congratulations on the re-acquisition.


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Very nice...so is that a Holden, or an export car from USA / Canada? Had you restored it, bought it restored, or did John get the job done? Just curious.

I'm not Lamar, but when I name cars, I find it quite a personal thing...of course, suggestions may get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes it is related to the car itself (my '61 InVICta is Vicky), the license plate (Ellie's starts with ELY), the nature of the car (in your case, perhaps the colour green), or the circumstances of the purchase (location, seller, etc.).

Very nice.

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Dear Brian:

If you post the frame, engine, and body numbers, I'll see what I've got on origin info.

I note the RHD and the leather interior, both of which would be standard or common on export jobs. Do you have any history before you acquired it the first time? What condition was it in then?

Regards, Dave Corbin

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The history of the car is ..........

It is a Holden Bodied 1934 8/40 sedan which means that the body was built in Australia and the rolling chassi with all mechanicals would have been produced in USA in RHD configuration and exported to Australia.

The Holden body has a lot of subtle differences to the US model such as different front and rear vent windowa (different sizes)among other variations.

Interior trim differed greatly as all Australian bodied 34/35 Buicks had a combination of leather seats with leatherette

(sinthetic version of leather)for the door trims and seat backs.

Bumpers were also different with Aussie bumpers being straight and the US version having more shape and a dip in the middle.

I know the history of the car.

I bought it off the second owner in about 1993. He had owned it for some 20 years and bought it off the original owner south of Sydney.

It had a repaint before I bought it but everything ese was original and at that time it had 83,000 miles on the clock.

I repainted some of the car to freshen it up and most of the chrome work was replated and new tires. Mechanically it had always been maintained and ran well.

Also put a 34 Buick radio in it which works perfectly and looks great as well.

When I sold it the new owner Had the interior done in leather and the woodgraining on the dash and window surrounds was redone and eventually he rebuilt the motor.

So now it's back home I am just tidying things up and looking forward to having some fun with it.

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Dear Brian

As the kids here in USA would say: "Man, that's WAY COOL !!" It's great you know the history of the car. What reaction did the wife and kids have when it came home? Had to be good for a laugh and maybe some tears.

By the way, Buick built only 542 model 41X cars for 1934, so it was rare when it was new. Holden built a total in all series of 1648 Buicks in 1934 and 1935.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Nice to see " The Wanderer " made it back to Kilmore safely.

Has left a bit of a hole in the 34/35 scene over here in the West, but maybe John Bell will snatch another east coaster to fill the ranks.

An interesting story I will share with our American Left Hand driving friends.

When the car arrived over here in the West about 10 years ago Brian had installed that nice Buick radio you can see in the interior shots. Radios are extremely rare in this country for cars of this era and Brian had purchased it from the USA. Of course it mounts on the right hand side of the cowl in the US but needs to mount on the other side over here. This means the control head cables plug into the wrong side of the radio box. The solution is to turn the radio upside down and the control head cables can then plug in.

When John purchased the car the radio went fine but during a long rally it started to go on the blink and eventually stopped working. John took it along to a local vintage radio man who quickly repaired it. The problem !!!!! upside down radio + rough corrugated West Aussie Roads = valves rattle loose and drop out. I don't know the solution ( maybe super glue!! ) but they never fell out again.

So what car will you be driving for the Nationals next year Brian?

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Guest imported_MrEarl

Wow, Brian that is a beauty.Love the color, outside and inside. And the leather interior is exquisite. Glad you were able to get her back.

Regarding a name....'bout the best I can come up with is <span style="color: #003300">"34'n Holden"</span>. I think she'll tell you her name at some point. All of mine generally have.

I can tell you this though, you have got to post that hood ornament on the current "Girls on Buicks" thread. Here I've started another GOB just for you and I'll even make it easy for you to get there.


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That is a beautiful car.  She, as she must be a "she" deserves a grand and glorious and yet dignified name.  I'll offer up my two cents worth below.


I am not familiar with the show or the host but how about Catriona, after 'Australia's most travelled woman', that's the title earned by Catriona Rowntree after more than 18 years at the helm of Australia's favourite travel show, Getaway."  (from the Authors Bio for "A Grandmother's Wisdom."


I confess the name came up when I did a search for Grandmother and Australia.  It seems Ms. Rowntree has written a book about her times with her Grandmother.  I thought Grandmother ________ something would work given her (your car's) age and the fact that she took your children on what must have been delightful journeys. But I do like Catriona by itself, or even Grandmother Cat!

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