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WTB 70 or 71 Buick GS455


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Serious buyer looking for 70 or 71 Skylark GS455, not Stage 1 as I most likely could not afford and don't want to waste anyone's time. Car needs to be laser straight and in very good condition. I am not looking for projects, please. Car does not need to be exact matching numbers, just era correct and be the right motor. Not particular on the options, auto is fine as is a/c, but all must be in working condition. Color change is also ok, as long as it was done correct.

Car needs to be finished. I am not looking for a concours restoration or national winner as again, I probably could not afford. It needs to be a very nice, straight, good running car that you have some documentation on to show what was done to it. I only want to deal with private sellers as I like to know who I am buying a car from. Trust is a big factor with me. I do like to do work on cars, but I don't nearly have as much time as I used to...so I would like something that is done and the owner is proud of.

I am on the East Coast and will travel to see the right car...but honestly will not go to the west coast ..just too expensive to see it and bring it back.

Thanks in advance


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