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69 Lesabre Info


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Yes, the LeSabre's standard engine was the 350 V-8. In 1970 and a few years after that, you could get a 455 in the LeSabre as an option, but I'm not sure about 1969. I remember occasionally driving a family friend's '69 LeSabre sedan when it was a few years old, and you could still get leaded premium fuel. The car had the LeSabre 400 package, which gave you the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission and the 4-barrel carb on the high-compression 350 V-8. It was no slouch when that 4-barrel opened up. Miles per gallon, depending on how often you open up the 4-barrels, would be less than 15 mpg around town. You can't have "quick" AND good miles per gallon in a heavy car from the 1960s or 1970s. One or the other, yes, but not both.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

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Sorry to disagree Pete, but two things, the 455 is a 70 and newer motor. The biggest motor in 69 was a 430, and I don't believe you could get that in a Lesabre. The 430 was for the Electra, Wildcat ,and the Riviera.

And in the second issue, I believe you can get good gas milage and a hot performer with the Electra. It was discussed here a few years back that the 69 Electra's could attain high teens and low 20's MPG and meanwhile these things can surely "light em up" at will. What is true is that you won't get good gas milage with your gas pedal on the floor.

My manual for 1969 shows the Lesabre only had a 350 available but it had a 2.93 rear axle ratio. The Wildcat and Riviera had a 430 motor and the 3.07 rear axle ratio. The Electra on the other had had the 430 with the 2.78 rear axle ratio and I can tell you it's no slouch off the line, and it cruises like glass on the highway.

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