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Door strap/handle

WestMich 89

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My passenger side interior door strap is missing one of the mounting screws. There are no other good hand holds to close the door from the inside, so I guess I have to replace it.

I checked with the local Buick dealer and they couldn't help. I was thinking of buying a couple of similar sized screws (they are not bolts) and screwing them into whatever is behind the trim panel and hoping they hold. I was planning on replacing the one existing one so I would have 2 that match.

Any one know why this wouldn't work, or, even better where I might pick up a stock screw?

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Go to your local hardware store and get an oversized sheet metal screw. If the backing plate behind the door panel doesn't hold the load, remove the panel and use a bolt and nuts, with locks, to retain your door pull.

Make sure the bolt isn't too long. Otherwise, it'll either block the window from going up or down or maybe even scratch your window in its travel.


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