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1977 Buick Skyhawk "Nighthawk"

Guest BJM

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Thanks Derek and Pete.

Is this car collectible as a model or is it typical of GM putting a bird (i.e. Trans Am screaming chicken) on a car to sell image?

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Guest my3buicks

It was a decal package, although a very unique one. You could hardly see the decals during the day, the decals looked run of the mill. But at night, when the light hit them it was SUPER REFLECTIVE and very interesting. I always though one would be fun to have tucked in the garage. AS far as collectible, not so much, maybe some more than the tyical one of these, but less than a Roadhawk.

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HawkSpirit -

I tried to read the ad Derek posted above but the wording is pretty small. I am going to google it now. Could you let us know a littl emore about these cars? Do you know a breakout of 4 speeds / 5 speeds / automatic? Are the 3 wheels in the phot above the factory Nighthawk wheels or did they come off another car? (I know there were a lot of "gold argent" painted factory wheels in the 70's)

If you have a box of the decals, this was a big concern of mine - not that I am personally probably going to buy this car - but I thought geez -if the Nighthawk decal which "glowed" at night was the defining aspect of this model, then how would a person duplicate that image?

Good to know you are the repository for those rare decals!


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One side note - these "Monzas" I alway sthought looked very balanced and nice with the rear spoiler and a front one if available. The slope of that rear deck is too ungainly for me personally - kind of like how a Porsche "whale tail" looks a ton better then just a standard Porsche 911.

So if the Nighthawk could be optioned with this spoiler, I would like to know.

Also - also - The Standard Catalog lists transmission options as 4 speed manual / 5 speed manual and of course automatic. This ad says this car is an automatic.

5 Speed? If you get one of these cars with a "massaged" 3.8l V6 (and I think they make hotter cams and internals, maybe headers) a 5 speed with OD, and rework the suspension and put a wider tire on it - I think you have a pocket rocket on your hands that probably can 1. get 25- 30 mpg easy and 2. with a 5 speed you would have a broad torque and power band that would allow decent take offs with a top speed over 120 mph in 5th gear.

As Willis says, just some thoughts...

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The "wheels" are actually hubcaps, plastic one's at that. They were available/standard equipment for all Skyhawks starting in 1975 (first year) in mostly argent color. The gold was specific to the Nighthawk.

Here's a photo of my 75 Skyhawk with the same "wheels", only in



Added in edit: Nighthawks were NOT available with a rear spoiler.

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I did some checking in my Buick stuff and could not find the Nighthawk. The Buick Skyhawk was made from 1975 till 1980 and the only engine was the 231ci 3.8 V6.

By comparison, the Chevy Monza (same "H") body was made the same years but had several engine options including a small block Chevy V8 in 262ci, 305ci, and 350ci sizes.

See this link for details........ http://auto.howstuffworks.com/chevrolet-monza.htm/printable

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What a sharp-looking Skyhawk! I haven't seen one that sharp and original-looking, probably since about 1980!

I like the '75's simple instrument panel better than the '76 and later.

I had two high-school friends who had new '75 Monza 2+2 V8's. I loved both cars at the time, great styling, decent 'oomph' and luxurious for a small car, but both had brakes that squealed so loudly you could hear them coming a block away. Front tires wore out quickly. The wheel covers like yours (called 'Tromphe L'Oeil'--Fool the Eye--in Chevy brochures) also tended to fall off fairly easily. Have you had any of these issues with your V6 Skyhawk (just curious), and did GM ever 'fix' these issues?

I remember that I didn't see a Monza/Skyhawk/Starfire until our Chevy dealer got in a plum-colored Monza in Feb. '75. They were slow to arrive in our small town. I remember being shocked at the sticker prices too! Loved the styling though.


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I owned one of those messes (79 Skyhawk). It kept me out of Buicks for more years than I can remember. It ate front brake pads at the rate of one set per week. The V6 blew just after the warranty ran out. I believe it was 3 fuel pumps I put in it while I owned it and another 2 after I sold it (explanation will soon be following). My front end kept the used tire man in business. Horn ring kept falling off. It ate batteries for no apparent reasons. I finally cut my losses by parking it in my Dads garage and driving a $300 73 Cutlass. After I got it most of the way paid off I decided to sell it and the Olds and try to get something decent again. A friend of mine decided she just had to have my Skyhawk. My whole sales pitch to her consisted of "Ginny you dont want this (expletive) piece of (another expletive) car. You will hate it and me in less than a year ..... you dont want this car, let me sell it to a stranger and get it the (3rd expletive) out of our lives.

Ginny was a very determined girl. She got her way. this was in September...... I put 2 more fuel pumps in it for her, after 5 weeks of changing brake pads I showed her how to change the brakes.I needed to teach her this as the woman who would eventually become my wife was not happy with the amount of time I was spending over Ginnys working on her car. I got guilt from both ends , my future wife was mad about all the time I spent a t Ginnys and I felt guilty that I had sold a good friend such a POS. Things quieted down for a while , and then on Christmas eve of that year (Also Ginnys birthday) the tranny EXPLODED in it . I mean the casing literally split and dumped tranny fluids and metals into the street in front of her house. Christmas day Ginnys brother and myself laid out on the ground in the cold swapping out the tranny in this Skyhawk. She eventually gave it to her brother and he junked it . Thank God. I realize there may be Skyhawk fans within the BCA but honestly ....... I hate the damn things with a passion. If you have collected one now you obviously never tried to drive one as an everyday driver.

Sorry about the rant, and to those of you who own one..... my sympathies.


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I'm sorry to hear some of you had problems with your Skyhawk's, but I never really did, so no "sympathies" are necessary. Perhaps mine was better maintained with proper care on my part, but I digress. I've owned 2, my first 1975 bought new in July 1975 from Bob Daniels Buick in Columbus, OH. I was 17 at the time and it was somewhat of an early graduation present. I absolutely beat on that car, as any pubescent 17 year old male would. Burnouts everyday in front of my girlfriends home (it was a 4 speed), high-speed runs to Cincinnati (for pizza of all things), red-line shifts at every opportunity, you name it, I did it. The only real issue I had were clutch(s). Imagine that. I did 3 of those.

I kept that car 6 years and over 120,000 miles. I did do an engine rebuild at around 100,000 miles (missed a shift and spun a bearing). It never failed to start (even with that spun bearing). I only replaced brake pads twice. Rust is what finally got her as it did many cars built before double-sided galvanized steel and e-coat primers, especially midwest snow belt cars. Salt was spread liberally back then.

My second Skyhawk, the one pictured above, is also a 1975 model built early in the production cycle for 75 models. It is also a 4 speed and is the correct code 75 Apple Red color of my first. It took me many years of searching for the right car, to bring back memories of my first. It was Ziebarted when new and I am sure this was a major factor in it's preservation along with the first two owners proper care.

Oh, never had any issued with the wheelcovers, even on my first one. I was very careful not to "curb" the wheels although...

Here's a photo of the engine compartment of the car pictured above. I even tried to duplicate the overspray on the exhaust manifolds I found while scrubbing it down.


And another...


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I am sure many of these cars were bad. Detroit's big 3 had gotten pretty good at building quality large cars on the front engine rear drive format by the 1960's. I know of few forum members who complain of their 60's American cars as far as quality goes.

I have owned a 66 Toronado which was a radical departure from the norm and even it was pretty well made.

But it seems the 70's interupted this pattern. They had to build smaller cars and build leaner burning cars at the same time.

I think your story is interesting for sure and common on the 70's cars but we need to look through the past in this case with "some" rose colored glasses because there are probably very few of these cars left and they are collectible and relevant.

Some know I have a "how many are left" old car calculator but I'll bet on these Skyhawks you can throw that out the window. There were only 15,769 Skyhawks made in 1976, for instance. I'll bet fewer then 500 remian, maybe fewer then 200, except some that are rusting away in repose.

This will definitely become a topic (if not a hot topic) in years to come as whole time periods of Buicks are under represented at regionals and Nationals.

But I appreciate your standpoint Dan. I would not want to come anywhere close to one.

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I'm late as usual but there was a NightHawk for sale in Omaha?

HawkSpirit are your decals for sale?

1977 had three decal packages for the SkyHawk, Hawk Accent - Free Spirit and the NightHawk. 1887 SkyHawks came with the Hawk Accent package, 1383 SkyHawks came with the NightHawk package and 385 SkyHawks came with the Free Spirit package.

The 1976 Free Spirit SkyHawk had the Vari-color decals like the 76 Buick Pace Car but Buick dropped that decal for 77 and offered the decals in Black or White.

I should know soon the number of RoadHawks produced and Designer Accent SkyHawks (these were the only SkyHawks with rear spoilers)

Brad love the pic's of your SkyHawk. I'm getting the option breakdown for 75 also so if you would like I'll pass it your way. Brian Jackson25350520002_medium.jpg

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regardless if you like em or hate em, or think they are worthy of collection, the fact is, your car is really nice Brad. I may never own one but you did a nice job detailing this one. Excellent!

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Oh Brian, you know I want whatever you find on '75s. Please, please please!!! I would really appreciate whatever you can pass my way. Thanks!!!

Thank you also John for the kind words on my little 'hawk. While my GSX's usually get the lion's share of the attention, I really enjoy people's reaction to a totally stock Skyhawk. And if you think mine is nice, you should see Brian's!! I've judged his before, in fact several times before, and have yet to deduct a point on the 400 point judging form (the Buick Performance Group uses the BCA judging forms...why reinvent the wheel?). His is that nice. And it's unrestored!

BTW, my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital in a 1956 56R. It was my mom's car...an Oreo cookie. Black/White/Black with a Red interior. Quite the looker, even back then.

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They were not the big flashy cars of their time. Same as with the Pinto, Gremlin, Chevette, Pacer, etc... But they are a part of what was the American car line more than 30 years ago. I think they deserve some sort of positive recognition. I currently have a 1946 Super, 1956 Roadmaster, and a 1976 Skyhawk. My Skyhawk has the factory full glass roof. Its currently in storage awaiting restoration. Hope the pictures come out.



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Brad when I get it I'll send a copy your way.

Jeff, nice Hawk! For 1977 that option cost $591.00 The 77 info I have even tells how many C06 optioned Hawks came in what colors. Hopefully for 76 the same info will be there.

Some numbers for 1977.

C06 option glass roof = 675

M20 4spd manual = 5089

M75 5spd manual = 1997

L77 350 V8 4bbl = 1

I sure would like to see that V8 Hawk!

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Even though I hate the things , I just randomly happened upon a thread at the "Performance years" forum where Im also a member. They posted a link to pictures from the 77 New York auto show and guess what just happened to be there.

A 77 Nighthawk


There are also photos of all the other cars at the 77 New York auto show

go to http://entertainment.webshots.com

Then once you get there type 77 NY autoshow into search bar and enjoy !


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: BUICK RACER</div><div class="ubbcode-body">New Skyhawk web at http://www.buickclub.org/1975-79%20Buick%20Skyhawk%20Stuff.htm I scanned some stuff I have, I really don't have time to do all this, but love you all enough to spend a little time going thru my archives to see what I have that I can share, and that's what I want to do is share this info with you. </div></div>

Now I know why I love you so much 'Berta!!! Thank you!!!!!

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Thank both of you! I have seen more SkyHawk info these last two months than I could ever imagine! As I was looking at the NightHawk up at the top right corner was another SkyHawk! One of the 385 Free Spirit Hawks. Buick only made 261 with the black decals! It is the only picture that I know of!

Roberta, I could not get the 78 link to work? First wholesale car order form I have seen for the Hawk. You don't happen to have 77? Thank you!



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Brad Conley</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: BUICK RACER</div><div class="ubbcode-body">New Skyhawk web at http://www.buickclub.org/1975-79%20Buick%20Skyhawk%20Stuff.htm I scanned some stuff I have, I really don't have time to do all this, but love you all enough to spend a little time going thru my archives to see what I have that I can share, and that's what I want to do is share this info with you. </div></div>

Now I know why I love you so much 'Berta!!! Thank you!!!!! </div></div>

THANKS, I needed that!

Added the '79 order sheet tonight, in process of adding 1975 dealer book pictures, computer wants to upgrade something, so more to come.

In 1977, in the spring I was looking for a car, as I had a job, $3/hr fixing CB radios, warranty repair, we had 2 cars in the family, '64 Electra and '71 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon, and my sister was also driving and brother about to get his license. So went to the local Buick Dealer, Roger F. Dibble in Owego, NY, now Scoville Buick Cadillac GMC, and saw a probably '77 Skyhawk in the lot, brand new, but had a Chevy emblem on the rear hatch, I pointed out to the Salesman and he just shrugged his shoulders, and wandered off. I ended up at Van Atta Buick in Binghamton, also gone now under Matthews, to find a 1976 Buick Opel Isuzu, yellow with black stripes, bought it outright for $3106. Crashed twice, fixed by dealer and 2nd time by me, went to work in Flint and got harassed at the plant, put it up for sale, could have traded it in on a '79 Riv, but the payment was more than my apartment at the time, but sold it and bought a '77 Century 2 door, 350, sport wheels and no AC, drove it for 6 weeks and traded it in at MacGillvary Buick in Flint, for a '79 Skyhawk.I put aluminum wheels on it, the louver thing on the back glass, don't tow backwards that thing blows off. Went to NY for the weekend in May of '80. Washed it the following Friday, went to work on Saturday, left early to go meet real estate agent to look for a house, and just south of work the engine blew and threw a rod. Walked to the restaurant where my co-workers were having lunch and called the dealer, they had it towed and put in a storage lot til they could get to it on Monday, had the real estate agent meet me at the restuarant and take me to look at houses, and then to the airport to rent a car, I didn't have a credit card yet so the real estate agent took me back to my apartment to get my last pay stub to be able to rent a car. I go to work on Monday, and the guys are giving me a hard time about renting a car, one of them offers me his '69 Skylark to drive, and I take the rental car back. I call Buick Customer Service and tell them, my car is broke, I need it fixed immediately, (by the way I worked for the Chevrolet Truck Plant at the time!) I walked in the dealership to check on their progress and they asked me what I do at Buick as Customer Service had called them with the immediate fix for the car, I was wearing a Chevrolet Jacket, they tried to talk me into also replacing the clutch as there were hot spots on the flywheel, probably do to racing a Chevette full of guys on the way back from lunch, they had more gravity. It was fixed in a day or so, and come November about a day before the 12 month warranty ran out, the trans lost 1 and 2nd gear, I had noticed when changing the oil that the 1/2 gear was sticking out of the trans, well it fell in and was lots of fun, since the V6 had lots of guts, I was able to get it home, and drive in into my front yard, cause reverse was gone too. Took it to the dealership the next morning and they said don't you already have a car here, yep, a '81 Skylark, I had bought for my Mom, that had the recall for the power steering hose failure, fires, etc. I left them the SKyhawk and then went back for the Skylark. I had 6 issues of being stuck in the snow with the Skyhawk and decided I needed a 4x4 and traded it for payoff for a '79 Chevy pickup 4x4 with Granny gear the Skyhawk's life as ended with a collision with a corvette, there's more, but that's enough for now!

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Dandy Dave, I didn't total the Sykhawk, the guy I traded it to did, the Buick Opel by Isuzu wanna be a Buick was a Japanese Chevette, I later determined, I was hit in Syracuse, NY on the way to the ECAC Hockey Tournament where Clarkson Univeristy was playing and meeting some friends, during our Christmas time off and was hit by an old SAAB!, Then in January '79 was in Rochester, NY for an interview for a job when I left the interview 6 inches of snow had fallen and I ran into a cable guard rail on the way home, ended up at Doschel Buick in Rochester to get it fixed, the rest of the story is too long to post. so more later, back to the scanner and more Skydog posting. Ok so Doschel Buick fixes the Opel with used parts, to get me back to Owego, but in order to do that and release the car back to me, my Mom has to go to her bank and have the bank manager call the dealership to guarantee payment, on the bill, when I get back to Owego, the insurance company wants to see the car, so take it to the Chevy dealership and insurance wants new parts put on instead of used parts Dealer in Rochester put on, so now wait on parts from Japan til May, this incident happened in January, well in the mean time, I take the '64 Electra 4 door, with 425 back to Clarkson, no place to park it, lovely warm up for the roomates to go to downtown classes, but parking is an issue. Go home for Easter, find a 1968 GS350 4-speed in the Binghamton Paper for $500, only 833 made and I talk mom into buying it for me, as the Opel is out of commission due to the insurance issues. Now the fun begins with the GS 350 story, it's still in my possession after 30 yrs,next month. Highjacked this thread, didn't I????

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Now the fun begins with the GS 350 story, it's still in my possession after 30 yrs,next month. </div></div>

smile.gifgrin.giflaugh.gif I can see that a little insight and fun go hand in hand here. A big smooch fur savin that GS 350. Sounds like a cause fur a party after keeping a car 30 years.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">SMOOCH!!!!! Thanks 'Berta!!!!!!! </div></div> Brad, you didn't think I was gonna let you get all the smoochin, now did ya. shocked.gif

Now back to our regular schedualed programing. laugh.gif Dandy Dave!

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I've got you beat! May 15th I will have had my '75 LeSabre Convt for 34 years. It was my 1st new car. Never dreamed back then I would own any 1 car that long. Hard to believe its' been that long. Was given "THE" ultimateum by the "First" wife about 19 years ago--decisions, decisions,--took less than 1 minute-- 2nd best decision of my life--

Time to return control of your set to you, the viewers.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Buick had a "pre turbo" built on the skyhawk before regal or gran nationals, was tested as a hot car by motor trend magazine.

Night hawk: yes was factory order car with gold decals in the reflective sides, a couple of states think Kansas was one who band cars with reflective on the sides as a squad or firetruck only. 1977

1976 offered "free spirit" similare to the Pace car on century for the indy car, only one is know to exist in Texas.

1979- offered the Roadhawk, built 1/2 at GM, other 1/2 out of buicks plants at a private builder. The shell was sent in silver with drive train in. The interior was oyster white and bird emblem seats centers. the steering wheel was leather same as Corvette oyster wheel. Few options were available including AC, PS PB auto or manual 4 std or 5 spd manual. Also alum wheels know as D wheels were buicks version of Monza alum rims for the skyhawk body. also the ralley steels were available.

1980 offered same car for Roadhawk but only 1/2 year run, Buick then took on a deluxe idea of the 2 tone painted car with deluxe wheel covers, This ended the skyhawk run, of rear wheel cars.

one car know of 'freespirit' left known

14 cars left of 'roadhawk' of 1500 cars built, aprox 15-20 parts cars know of.

not know how many exist of Night hawk, probably a dozen.

Last car the 2 tone paint cars have never heard of any around or left any where.

I have also a rare 73 apollo/suncoupe/with tent car has AC PS PB AMFM ralley rims, and now a 455 buick under the hood.

craig geske

minneapolis mn

bca 27925

72 modified electra 476hp, 468cu in

73 apollo modified

79 Roadhawk

86 Regal 350 buick motor

75 Parkavenue Executive Deluxe one of 37


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