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I too have used the gaskets that Earle supplies and have found them just fine. Egge Machine offers gaskets manufactured by BestGaskets and they should be good quality also as Egge is a big supplier of obsolete engine parts. Their overhaul set is $137 like Narragansett. Felpro is an old respected brand so I guess you pays your money and takes your choice.

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Mr. Phelps, if I had a set of gaskets (Victor or McCord) would cross reference the parts numbers with the local NAPA or Advance Auto Parts. They do have the Felpro gaskets upon order with the parts numbers (FELPRO). The number has been listed on this AACA site before. This place seems to have the complete set or parts:


Also, check to see if the rear main and possibly the rope seal on your current engine was modified when the engine was rebuilt about 30 years ago.

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The only gasket that I have found not to be close to specs is the oil pan gasket it does not fit nicely I have to wet it first and have it held in place where the oil pan holes are to make sure when it will be installed it will line up with the holes of course I wait until the gasket is dry.



1932 Hot Rod Lincoln

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