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how is the easiest to kill the power to the tape player on an 89


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Far as I know, the tape player (88/89) is powered off the radio module, thus there is no external way (i.e. no separate fuse) to kill the power to it without disconnecting the harness from the RIM module to the tape deck at one end or the other.

A unobtrusive switch could probably be wired into the 12v supply between the RIM module and tape deck for this purpose, likely easier to do at the tape deck end, as the RIM is beneath the center console and requires some disassembly to get access to the wires there.

Maybe a 88/89 owner with more knowledge of the "version 1" Reatta has a better answer than this, I am going only on what I have seen in circuit diagrams.


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The yellow or red wire provides power for the tape deck. just add a switch to the wire this will allow you to cut the power to the deck, and still be able to power it if you loose battery power. The radio will switch without the tape deck being hooked up, but it must be installed at least once after loss of battery power.

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