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Tail Light Housings From 1939 or 1940?

Guest John Washburn

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Guest imported_washburn

The GM Number on these tail light housigs are 923229 & 923230. I thought these were off a 1939 LaSalle but my Cadillac/LaSalle Master Parts books does not have this specific number. The 923 numbers were for 1939 Taillights, but not these two specific numbers.

I was wondering if they might be another GM Car Taillights? Couled it be Buick? Oldsmobile? or even a Pontiac? Any help would be appreciated. I hate to just throw them away.

I would add some pictures, but not sure how.

John Washburn

Elizabeth, Colorado

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Guest myold88

Those are "casting" numbers and rarely the same as a G.M. part numbers. I bet a photo or two would get your parts identified.

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These look to me like 39 or 40 LaSalle series 50 housings, though they appear a little short. Hard to tell without some sort of scale.

The only difference between the 39 and 40 series 50 is inside the bulb holder (not seen in your pix). The 40 has two separate bulbs, the 39 one. The 40 series 52 has a completely diffeerent style lamp.

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