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FS 55 Buick Super 2 DR HT F


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I dunno $5000, needs a LOT more $$$,not to mention time, energy put into it. I suppose it'd be nice for a driver???

I guess if I'm gonna put that much umph into a project, I'd rather start with a conv. and maybe break even $$$$ wise (not labor)in the end.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

If it's a car someone really loves and is determined to have one of, I say it's still an OK bargain and even better at about 1K less. I assess the value of the cars I buy, not by what I will have to spend on them but rather by what I WON'T have to spend on them. The original interior, perfect glass, solid floors, already restored chassis and most of the body fixed and in primer...all that would cost much more than the asking price. Very little labor in body work left to do before painting. Engine and transmission may be the biggest expense and labor. I agree with 55,55, could be a real purdy '55, 2 Door Hardtop Super for well under $20,000.

Now if it were a convertible, it would cost you that just to get it. And there'd be no cuttin corners on restoring it so out goes the nice original upholstery and possibly even the glass. But yea you may get all but your blood sweat and tears back out of it.

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I kinda like it without the sweep-spear chrome. I would think a 401 would be awesome in there but the rear axle has to be upgraded for that I believe. Might even be nice with a 300 and a stick shift too as long as I'm dreamin.

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