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90 TC parting out some good parts left

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i need to finally finish parting my 90TC 16V white/black/black car as soon as the weather breaks. I have the motor, wiring and computer going in my 3rd gen daytona. The interior is going into storage or my 89 TC 16V. parts available in N.NJ, will bring the chryslers at Carlisle in July if requested.

Clean white hood- 100$

Clean White Deck Lid- 75$

Clean tonneau cover cabernet or white- 60$

Steering column- 40$

manual pedal set- 40$

stainless trim( i have most all of it)- make offer

glass- 45$ door glass, 25$ 1/4 glass, 200$ windshield

hydualic braking system with accumulator etc- 150$

abs computer- 80$

power window switch- 50$ driver side

fair white door shells with power window motors- 50$ each

trailer hitch- 100$ (pending removal) will advise if available

black soft top- 75$

1/4 window motors- 15$ each

speakers doors and rears - 75$

factory TC cassette 5band eq radio- 60$

i could cut sections of the body if somebody wants crash panels for repair( contact me)


none of these prices include shipping

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I didn't think to ask, if brake system is same in auto & std., mine is a auto. Trying to decide to sell or keep car, needs trans. & brake work, I've really got too much in car, real sharp 63K mile car, I live in Northwest Arkansas, Claytonc

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it was a pain in the rear when i removed the last one, it comes out by removing the nuts from inside the car along the firewall underneath the dash. i did it without a motor and that is how im doing this one also.

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Hello Clayton;

How far are you from Cabot?

Reason I am asking is my neighbor in Cabot is a retired Chrysler technician who worked on TCs when they were new.

He now runs his own automotive shop and might be interested in working on your car. When I was in Cabot he did the automotive repairs that were too difficult for me to accomplish on my 89 TC.

I was very satisfied with the quality of his work. smile.gif

If you are interested email me at majmx@aol.com and I will provide you his name and cell phone number.


Bob Steele

TC America

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Hi Bob, thanks for info, I'm about 8 hours from Cabot, The only way I could get there is to haul it. Sad to say, I sold a one a kind '98 CHEV. S10 to buy this car, which I'm sorry of now, but thats life. Between buying car, $500 getting it here and new tires, I really don't want to spend another $2,000 grand on it, really hoping to sell it at

lose and start over, thanks again for your input.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: CHRYSLER TC</div><div class="ubbcode-body">May be a dumb question, how hard is it for a 72 year old man to remove this unit from a car, Thanks, ClaytonC </div></div>

Ask Hemi, he's like 95 and does this sort of thing all the time smirk.gif


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Bob, one more question, I've seen on some web site to be sure you depressurize system before removing or fluid will go everywhere, can you do this by just loosening the wheel bleeder valve. I know exactly nothing about this car.

THANKS, ClaytonC

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Hi, TURN OFF KEY ~ pump brake pedal about 25 times ~ That is the normal way to relieve pressure in the brake systemas long as you leave key off , no juice will go to pump to charge system..

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: LouZ</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Now just you wait a minute there "whippersnapper". If Hemi is that old, where does that put me.?? wink.gif </div></div>

Older than the hills? Older than dirt? In the dirt? smirk.gif


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Hi Tom,

I originally planed on asking you if the hitch was removed yet. Then I talked to my sister-in-law up on Staten Island, this AM. She told me it was Snowing like crazy. Couldn't see the house across the street in the "white out". Then I said I'll leave you alone, weather's also probably bad down in Jersey where you are too. ~ But ~ as you can see I asked anyway.. Lou

p.s. it was 70 yesterday and low 60s today lz

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the whole car is stripped, if anybody had wants or wishes now is the time to ask. obviously parts are gone

dont have:



turn signals


rear reflector panel


motor and wiring


umbrella, tool kit

everything else i have pretty much still

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this thing is finally stripped to the floor. im calling the tow truck this week if i dont put it in the bed of my truck with the help of a few friends. deck lid is going with car along with door shells and bad fenders.

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