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Extremely Impressed


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Just a quick note here for anyone considering doing business with fellow hobbyist and forum poster here, Tom Laferriere out of Smithfield, RI. In the past few months, I completed three transactions with Tom. One purchase, One trade/sale and one consignment sale.

I was delighted with the purchase, this car was actually better than described and Tom even shipped parts he had on order after I had taken delivery of the car.

The transactions on the other two cars were also smooth. All logistics including paperwork, pick up and payment were handled promptly and professionally - no surprises at all. Tom kept me aware of his efforts and any potential interest in the car that was sold on consignment regularly. I believe his efforts made the difference in finding the right buyer here especially in a slower economy.

If anyone is thinking of working with Tom on a purchase, sale or consignment on a collector car I could not recomend him highly enough.

I have been around this hobby long enough to be jaded by many who are in it on the business side, but Tom is an enthusiast first, and a straight shooter.

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Thanks for the kind words. I am having a lot of fun with the hobby. It was wonderful working with Steve and I expect he will be upgrading again in the near future.

Bob, it was also good meeting you at Hershey last year. Please stop by again this year.

I just wish my son would have as much fun as I do.


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