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Medium Size Brass Era Engine Assembly

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I am trying to ID this brass era engine. It is much bigger in overall size than a Model T engine. The engine is a four cylinder, mono-block attached to an aluminum crankcase, both the intake and exhaust are cast into the block. It has open valves, an oil pump assembly, NO provision for a starter or generator, absolutely NO markings anywhere, thermosyphon, early style Bosch magneto, the flywheel appears to be set up for a multiple disc clutch. Thoughts? I can send more photos. Thanks. GZ 734-730-4274 motoringicons@hotmail.com




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What is the writing on top of the oil filler? It could be brand identity, or "Oil" written so the language gives a clue to country of origin. Measurement and thread standards will also give you a clue to where it was made. I once had a teens 4 cyl De Dion Bouton that had that integral exhaust manifold cast in the block, which was not a smart design idea; and the Italians did that sometimes too, even into the early '20's. It looks French or Italian a bit in style, though I have never seen such a side-mounted oil pump before. Italian cars often had oil pump driven directly from the back of the camshaft, externally mounted in front of the open flywheel. Bore and stroke will help you identify what it is, and also the number of main crankshaft bearings when you remove the side cover from the crankcase. That massive flywheel might tell you that it is either from a truck or a slug. Those early Bosch magnetos are nice, and hard to find. Ivan Saxton

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Yes. Both model and serial number are stamped on side of the base the whole unit is assembled on. Model would be DU4. (Number is the number of cylinders.

What is peculiar to Bosch and useful in dating, is that the magneto serial numbers were sequencial across all models. There was a list of these serial numbers wrt year of manufacture tha was printed in a VCCAustralia(Victoria) newsletter about 30 years ago. I moved this a couple of weeks ago, so it should not be hard to find for you. Bear in mind that this is the year of the magneto rather than the car; but usually it would be fairly close. Ivan Saxton

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