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Ford's Tow Command System - How is It?


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I'm in the process of buying an 06 F-350 diesel, automatic, that I'll use to tow my car hauler amoung other things.

It has a "Digital Tow Command" system that I've heard of but know nothing about.

It was something like a $750 option so am thinking this must do something really special.

Does anyone have this option on their Ford and what makes it so valuable?



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Hello Jason, actually the Tow Command option 91T only included the built in factory trailer brake 52B and the trailer mirrors as seen in your photo. I do like the feature very well though, a nice clean built-in with no more having the brake underfoot screwed to the bottom edge of the dash.

There was also a Tow Boss option 53B which was the $700 package. It was available only on diesel automatics, and included the 91T above, plus a 4.30 Limited Slip axle and an upgraded 26,000 combined weight rating (GCWR).

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Thanks for the response. Interesting. This truck did not come from the factory with what you called the "Tow Boss". It has 3.73 gears. He said he had the intergrated braking system installed at the dealer after he bought the truck.

He had a pic of the the window sticker and it shows a "Trailer Towing Package" for $155 but he said the intergrated digital controller was not part of that but was part of another more expense upgrade which he had installed. Guess I'll have to dig into it a little more.

Thanks Again

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Hello again Jason, note the $155 option is 531, which pretty much just included a 7 wire trailer harness built in from the factory. The 3.73 with the diesel still gives you up to a 15,000 lb trailer weight assuming the hitch is sufficient. Combined weight is 23,500 lbs GCWR.

I do not know what additional "upgrade" the owner may have said to have been dealer installed, but there is not much left to upgrade unless he got into springs or something. Still, as long as your trailer weight is in line with the above this truck should be a fine trailer puller.

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Guest Merchant Xpress

I don't know about that truck but on our 06 Super Duty tow mode changes the shift points and locks out the OD, it also downshifts earlier in the tow mode. That could be what he is talking about.


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Guest pie2mats

howdy partner!

well, i use a programmer on my truck... this way i don't get a floored pedal on a 10% to 20% full stop uphill with my loads at back. even if you have a 5.4 it's still can't get a move on if you've been in a full stop without any momentum. freeway is no problem.


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Guest Dick Whittington

I am on my second Ford with the Tow Command system. I find it no better or no worse that a top end aftermarket controler. The nice thing is that it is mounted in the dash, not under.

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