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Chandler Royal Eight Owners Manual

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I have a booklet entitled "Instructions for Care and Operation-Chandler Royal Eight". The front cover is missing, but it is complete and intact in good condition.

I was unpacking some boxes in our basement when I found it. I have no idea how I obtained it, but many friends and relatives know that I am interested in old cars and often pass me interesting items.

I had never heard of the Chandler and while looking for more info I came across this discussion forum.

Would anyone be interested in obtaining this booklet?

Thank You

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Guest strelnik

If you decide to donate the book, and someone can get me even a BAD copy of what the front cover should look like, I will be happy to recreate a front cover in-folio, as they say, and rebind the owner's manual.

I used to do this for a living, for a while.

But not for commercial use or re-sale, only if it's going to the AACA library

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