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Turn signal switch?

Kurt J

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The right turn signal does not work. (two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do!) Anyways, When I push up on the lever, it doesn't stay up and if I hold it up the turn lights don't come on. The left turn signal works fine. With that info, would I be correct that it's a faulty switch and not a fuse or other issue? If so, is it difficult to replace the switch yourself? Anyone have, or know where I can find, detailed instructions on doing that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Kurt

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Sounds like a problem in the steering column but might just be a TS arm that has gotten loose. Still the column must be disassembled partly.

Do all flash with the "hazard" button pushed ?

Is easier on an 88-89 than a 90-91 (air bag & coil) but does require a steering wheel puller and a lock plate depression tool. ( This kit has both).

Do need to be careful not to snap off the horn contact extension in the cancelling cam.

Anyone know a good way to remove the snap ring once the lock plate is depressed ? Takes a while with two awls & need be gentle but have not found a better way.

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What tool ? I have several snap ring removers but the steering column ring has nothing at the ends, it is literally just a ring.

Have had to just carefully lever the ring out of the groove with a bent awl & usually takes several minutes.


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