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What's it worth?


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Hello all! I'm resorting to selling my '26 DB Sedan and I'm looking for some input on its value. I know this isn't the for sale thread (I have it listed there already) but I just want to make sure I'm on target with the asking price. I'm taking it to the Big Boy Toys swap meet in Selma, CA on March 7th and I would like to get in the neighborhood of $7,000-7,500. But that's why I'm posting this, to see if you guys who know more about these than I do would think that's a fair asking price.

The car is 98% complete and runs and despite selling it I have ordered a gas tank sealer kit from POR-15 so the new owner won't have to mess with it. It has 75,758 original miles on it.

Any input would be appreciated!





Thanks for all the questions you guys have answered over my short time on the site!


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It is a nice unrestored car but with this economy I think it would be a stretch to command that much. you will most likely get offers in the $4,500 - $5,500 range. It will need paint $2,000, upholstery $ 2,500, chroming $ 2,000, & Etc. I hope you get more, but I think you may be a bit too optimistic. I bought a nice 1924 other make sedan (see photo), 48,000 orig mi. painted, upholstered, and mostly plated parts for $4,600. I add the correct headlights. and tho it was a real deal I think it shows the depressed prices for these type of cars.


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Guest oldodgeboys

eBay gives you a good idea of what these cars are selling (or not selling) for. Take a look at the link that shows closed postings, it will show what the cars did or did not sell for during the past 30 days.

Remember that the value of anything is not what someone asks for it, but rather what someone is willing to <span style="text-decoration: underline">pay</span> for it.

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Thanks for the responses! I'll definately take that into consideration smile.gif

I was just going off of what my uncle was asking before I got it, and that was before the economy took a dump.

I'm not opposed to taking less for it by any means. With that said does anyone want a 1926 DB Sedan? haha



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