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WTB '55 Buick Special steering column

Guest BuickRob

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Guest BuickRob

I need some parts from a ’55 Buick Special (or Century??). If anyone either has the parts, or knows of a ’55 being parted out, please either let me know, or refer this to that person.

For right now, my biggest pressing issue is the steering column. The car I have is missing everything from the housing that holds the gear shift (manual tranny of course) and outboard from there. So I need the housing and all parts from there, out to, and including the steering wheel and horn ring, etc. I could also use the steering shaft also as the PO used vice grips (to steer) clamped onto the “teeth” that hold the steering wheel intact. I might be able to correct those, but would feel better about it to just get a decent shaft.

If I need to buy the whole column, that is a possibility. Finally, if anyone knows of interchangeability on the steering column, please let me know what other makes/models/ year will interchange. I have to believe that some other model/year will, but the steering column is not addressed in any of my interchange manuals…so for now, that really limits my searching ability. Not that many stick shift ‘55’s in my neck of the woods. (near Boise Idaho).


Rob - send reply and I can provide contact info.

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