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Windshield Visor/Sunshield

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I have a 1954 4Dr Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe. I would like to put a windshield visor on it. I have found fiberglass reproductions but I would much rather have an original. Does anyone have a visor they would like to part with or at least point me in the direction where I might find one. I know they mount onto the drip rail on each side of the windshield. The '54 has a one piece windshield therefore it has no place for a center support. Does the trailing edge of the visor have a support that mounts to the roof? I appreciate any help!

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Guest imperial413

Please check my ad for the 1954 NYer, I posted today (25 Jul 09). The car has a visor mounted on it. Though, the sale is for the entire car, if interested, thanks.

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