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Anyone use NOS seat fabric??


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Has anyone used NOS seat cloth and vinyl on their car when having the seats recovered? I have a 1973 Electra that has 77,000 miles and has been garaged all its life. Only problem is that the seat cloth has dry rot. The threads that hold it together just broke down from age.

I want to replace it with NOS material from one of the places that sells these materials. I have a correct, matching samples from a few places and the cloth looks good and strong.

My question is since this cloth is new but still old has anyone had problems using it? I want to keep my car as original as I can!



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New old stock seat fabric is the ONLY thing I use when reupholstering a seat in an old car, and I've never had any problems with the quality of the cloth or vinyl.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

1948 Roadmaster 4-dr.

1949 Super Estate Wagon

1950 Roadmaster 2-dr. hardtop

1962 Electra 225 4-dr. hardtop

1963 Wildcat conv. 4-spd.

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Guest gunjeep444

That Original Auto looks pretty good, downloaded their catalog. May email a picture to them Monday. Anyone deal with them? Need 56 Buick black cloth, also carpet, I see they have that also. My headliner is fine.

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