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1941 Buick Radio Button Restoration


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Questions on the restoration of the 1941 Buick radio buttons:

(1) The plastic window slides out from the top and is secured in place by two small upset ears on the knob. Are there any tips on how to slide out the window without damaging the window or the button?

(2) The brushed copper background appears to be very thin, perhaps a film applied to the back side of the plastic window. Are there any tips on how to restore the brushed copper background?

The original buttons and windows are in good condition, except for the brushed copper backgroud.





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FYI - I have found a way to disassemble the 1941 Buick radio push buttons:

Using a hand pin vise, with a sharp (new) 1/16" drill, I carefully drilled a hole (at the same angle as the button face) in the bottom of the button directly below the plastic window. The hole is less than 1/16" deep (don't drill too far, as you will drill into the clear plastic window). I applied WD-40 on the window to provide some lubrication. After cutting the two small upset plastic ears, that retain the window, I used an old smaller drill to tap out the window.

The copper color comes from a small piece of copper. The back side of the copper piece was like new. All that is required is to reverse the copper insert. I plan to sand a little material off the sides of the plastic window so that it can be re-inserted without cracking the fragile button. The small hole can be left as is.

The postwar Buick radio buttons are constructed somewhat differently. They use a composite decal on top of the clear plastic window. This button design eliminates the need for the small piece of copper.



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