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1947 diamond t 404


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Help! I need 2 wheels & 4 clamps(think thats what they would be called) for my '47 Diamond T 404. Rims are 20" x 6 1/2" wide. Does anyone know where I can get some? I live in England so they will need to be shipped over.


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Guest Captain Tailfin


You might try this posting on the website of

"The American Truck Historical Society"

at www.aths.org

They are a Fantastic Group dedicated to preserving

Trucks and Trucking History.

A yearly membership is around $35 US and WELL WORTH IT !

Certainly I would also make inqueries there about any chapters groups or other Clubs devoted exclusively to Yor Brand.

Specific Marque Clubs are the best Kept Secret in this hobby

and by far the greatest help and best value too !

Good Luck With your Diamond T.

John B

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