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Put my driver's side headlamp on ebay


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Didn't want to do it but the time has come to sell the headlights before the other parts instead of the other way around. Just put the item number 320343630379 into the ebay search bar to go to it. It will probably get ignored until the last minute like most TC parts auctions. Sold the corner lights on ebay at the start of Feb.

I noticed that the Rhode Island TC parts on ebay went without much interest for most of them but someone really wanted the miscellaneous interior pieces, I didn't think that particular auction would get much interest.

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I bid on the corner light, but couldn't sit at the computer to wait for the aucton to end. **sigh** My top bid was $125, not enough. Well, one day maybe...

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Guest docinvestments

I have the Rt.side corner light(side markder).It looks like new. the assembly and bulb work perfectly. The plastic lens is not available. I am asking about $250. for it. I might go a little lower.



docinvestments@yahoo.com 214.914.5078

I have the plastic lenses for both sides.

Are you still interested? I have a lot of other parts since I just finished stripping my car down.

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Headlight went for about $200 with no bidding war, just what my parts list has it 'probably selling for'. The left corner light went for $127.50, a little less than I thought it would get but not too far off. My blue service manual was sold for $50, normally $50 to $65. The latest TC Ebay auctions seem to be going nowhere, $20 for a trunk reflector??????, so I won't be listing parts on ebay for a little while.

I think the list below is complete for the parts I have left. I'm still down $700 on TC's, ($600 on the red/ginger 89 TC and $100 for the parts manual, key blanks, hook bezel and ignition switch) so a close offer and pick them up at my place in Riverside, CA will get all of the items.

unsold parts list

trunk power release from on trunklid.

one of the seat recliner motors, don't remember which side.

softtop, black cloth with glass window.

1991 ignition switch (new Mopar out of package and plugged in once for a test).

passenger's door mirror.

passenger's seat power motor with track.

passenger's rear regulator with window motor.

abs computer.

top pulldown assembly (motor worked but bad gear and housing cracked).

passenger's door window.

driver's door window.

passenger's headlamp (a few larger pits, many sand pits).

passenger's side moulding 3 pieces, red, bad repaint on rear piece.

driver's side moulding 3 pieces, red.

passenger's door panel.

driver's door panel (leather good, cracked plastic in back).

driver's taillamp (one good housing/no lens, one lens on bad housing).

rear reflector (small crack over E in Maserati).

third stop lamp (still haven't tested to check if working).

driver's door top chrome with black plastic moulding.

fuse panel cover.

console (automatic) with woodgrain and bad armrest leather.

rear upholstery (scratch on one side panel).

door post chrome, driver.

door post chrome, passenger.

passenger's qtr top chrome and black moulding.

driver's qtr top chrome and black moulding.

bezel for top hook in front, looks like scratched dealer takeoff in open parts bag labeled 4464581 (driver?side).

key blank set, 2 sided ignition and long trunk, uncut aftermarket.

Dealer parts book for 1991 model year Chrysler.

2 non working radios and 2 bad speakers, forgot location.

various fasteners in baggies for the above list of parts.

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