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OE Lincoln brake lining kit I.D. questions


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While browsing through a local Ford swap meet today, I came across a guy who had several old Lincoln and Ford brake lining kits. 3 were the old yellow-style Lincoln boxes quite worn, nbut linings still intact.

2 were HAK-2222-A, the last was a HAK-2007-A.

I'm not sure what the 2222 kit is for, but how different is the HAK-2007-A from the H-2007 listed for our Zephyrs? Both primaries and secondaries were there, individually they had somewhat unusual numbers like E5281C(?) and such.

Any pro's want to tackle this one?


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I'm not a pro and I don't know anything about part numbers for brake linings. However, I DO know that the non-asbestos brake lining material available these days does NOT provide enough fricton to stop the car!

I rebuilt the brake system in my 1941 Continental and was dismayed when the car wouldn't stop. A friend of mine with a 1948 Continental had the same problem. He fixed his by adding a (Midland or Bendix) Hydro-Vac power booster and now his car stops as it should - perhaps even better. I added one of these to my car and now it will stop safely.

I have a Webshots photo album which includes photos of the power booster installation at:


My advice would be to measure your brake linings. If the ones you saw at the swap meet are the same dimensions and are rivited, not bonded, jump on them!

Good Luck!


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