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Alamo Club Meeting Pictures

Bill Stoneberg

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It was a nice Texas spring day yesterday, even if a cool front came through in the morning. We went to a town called Marble Falls in the hill country to look at a restoration shop and then do what we do best, eat lunch. After lunch Pete Phillips, the esteemed Bugle Editor, gave a presentation on the History of Buicks. Excellent talk with great pictures.

Anyway here are a variety of pictures I took including a mid 30's Oldsmobile with a straight 8 that would be a prime candidate for restoring and then at the restaurant, my 47 Super (red), a survivor 1950 Super (green) and a survivor 1949 Super (grey).






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In the "three Buicks" photo, all three of those cars are 3-speed standard shift, 4-door sedan, Supers (an unusual coincidence).

In the photo of the faded blue '35 Oldsmobile, the car is an amazing, completely original and unrestored car, with a straight 8 engine (unusual because in the 1930s a 6-cylinder Oldsmobile was the norm, and the 8-cylinder Oldsmobile was fairly rare). This is a wood-framed car, but the doors opened and closed like a vault!

The '32 Buick is a model 57, I believe.

Thanks, Alamo Chapter, for a very interesting and fun day. Thanks, Bill, for the photos!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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On the green '50 notice the condition (or shine) of the chrome. Pete, from San Antonio, the owner, said he used waterless car wash to clean the chrome. I don't have any so I have not tried it yet.

He has done half the dash with the car wash and it is amazing the job it does on removing the grime and making it look really good. Pete said he tried chrome polish but it would leave a white residue around rough spots.

As Pete (Phillips) noted, about the wood frame on the Olds, in this part of Texas, they don't know about salt on the roads as we seldom have a freeze and rain/snow at the same time. The cars may have surface rust but there is seldom serious rust on closed cars.

Bill Stoneberg failed to take photos of the 1970 white GSX (clone) convertible in the showroom and a GSX coupe that is being restored...it is painted and assembly started. It was also an unusual color...dark green,

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Bob Bonto (tech advisor in the ROA for 71-73 Riv's) reccomended to me once to use DWG PREMIUM METAL POLISH.

It's a waterless wash type stuff from Dri Wash 'n Guard

It's down the page a bit here:


Worked beautiful on my bumpers. (And I even polished my silverware with it on rainy days when I was terribly bored). BUT, anyway.. I think it's a great product, and my bumper is not the best specimen at all.

I'm just angry that I left it behind when I moved out of my last house!!! I forgot a couple things, but I think I miss my Dri-Wash the most!

This is their description of the product:


Polishing metal has never been easier!

DWG Premium Metal Polish makes short work of polishing silver, chrome, brass, gold, stainless steel, platinum and other unpainted metal surfaces. DWG Premium Metal Polish works wonders cleaning a wide variety of unpainted metal surfaces. Just as DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® cleans, seals, polishes and protects painted metal surfaces, DWG Premium Metal Polish cleans, restores, and protects unpainted metal surfaces. Simply rub onto the metal surface, allow it to dry, then buff off lightly. It’s that easy! You can then seal and further protect the surface by applying DWG for the Car or Home.

DWG Premium Metal Polish is great for:

• Mag wheels and chrome bumpers

• Decorative brass

• Tanker trucks and external fuel tanks

• Airplanes, metal canoes, and fishing boats

• All the unpainted metal surfaces around your home!

Use DWG Premium Metal Polish for polishing and protecting unpainted metal surfaces!

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