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1930+/- Buick 29/49x, 7 passenger restoration-Calcutta India

john A. Milne

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I am helping in the research on this restoration and need some assistance to identify the year and obtain photos of similar cars to ensure as correct as possible in it's restoration by Sanjay Ghosh the largest restoration works here in Calcutta.

I am posting some photos of this challenging project.

Hope some of you can help put this queen back on the road as she should be.



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Where are the photos? I will try again!

There is a great car website in India "team bhp" which covers cars in general but has a section devoted to Vintage and Classic Cars. I stated a "thread" in the vintage section for this project and have generated some good interest.

Check some of my other threads on the Calcutta & New Delhi Statesman Car Rallies the biggest in India with a few Buicks and the Shillong Car Rally in Assam.

"The Cartier Car" show in Bombay this past Nov. showcased some of India's finest cars, the "Pebble Beach" of the East! One of the prize winners a 1932 Lancia was restored by Sanjay.

Love for our horseless carriages is universal!





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The car is a 1929 7 passenger tourer model 49 ( X )

It is a rare model with only 2163 ever being made. Included in that figure is 633 cars that were made for export, which this one is designated by the X on the firewall plate.

The body is on the 129" chassis and came standard with wooden spoke wheels but wires and sidemount were extra.

Getting parts for it in India would be near impossible I would think. You would have to source them from USA. The body looks to be in reasonable shape and hopefully the car is stored inside out of the monsoon rains.

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I just picked up a 29 Buick large series rear axle with two wire wheels & one hub cap. It was used as a farm trailer and has no pinion gear, but all other parts are there.

The axle housing has small holes in it where it was welded to a trailer. I can take photos later today and post them here.


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Guest 70 Electra

Hey Jam,

I'm afraid I can't provide any help, as I know nothing about 29's, but think it's really cool that it's getting attention and restoration. Best of luck on the project! Hope you'll post more pix, as the work progresses.

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