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88-89 Radio MP3/Aux Input


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So, I've swapped my '89 Radio into my '88. First, in my '89 two connectors plugged into the bottom of the unit and on my '88 only one. Are the ports on either side of the brain redundant?

Which plug would need to be added/adapted to provide an aux input? Top or bottom, and which numbers (I ask because the the port numbering on the radio's connectors appears to be the same on both sides).

And finally, I stumbled across this eBay auction from a stereo repair place that apparently adds an aux input to non-aux capable radios HERE.

Is there any advantage to doing the aux input in this manner or is it basically the same thing?

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Do you intend to install an aux input which will then play through the speakers, (my preference) or is this only for sound through a headset? I ask because for a headset I wouldn't care to go through the trouble of splicing into the already short wires (Daniel had no problem with it, but I know I would), and California laws have strict limitations about the use of headsets while driving.

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Nah, I'm looking to have the best possible iPod sound. I already use a bluetooth headset with the phone (NY law).

Daniel, I'm glad you're looking at this thread.... I'm a little unsure of where and how precisely I'm supposed to splice in to the radio harness.

I have an extra harness from my '89 if that helps, but like I stated earlier I'm pretty sure I've got 4 plugs up top and one (with 2 wires?) at the bottom.

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