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Indiana lawmakers at it again......


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<span style="font-weight: bold">Indiana Regulators Propose to Redefine Antique Vehicles to Force More into Emissions Tests </span>

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is proposing to redefine the term ‘antique vehicle” in order to force more of these hobby cars into the emissions inspection program. Under existing law, an antique vehicle is defined as “a motor vehicle or motor scooter that is at least 25-years old.” Under the regulation, the definition would be revised to require that the vehicle must be at least 25-years old, registered and plated as a historic motor vehicle, driven a maximum of 3,000 miles per calendar year, and include Federally required pollution control equipment for that make and model year. Under the plan, the vehicle would be periodically forced into a vehicle emission test site to verify that these requirements have been met.

We Urge You to Submit Written Comments Opposing This Regulatory Proposal by March 13, 2009

Existing law in Indiana exempts any vehicle 25-years old and older from emissions testing.

Indiana’s current emissions testing exemption recognizes the minimal impact of vehicles 25-years old and older on vehicle emissions and air quality.

Vehicles 25-years old and older constitute a small portion of the overall vehicle population and are a poor source from which to look for emissions reduction.

Antique vehicles are overwhelmingly well-maintained and infrequently driven (about one-third the miles each year as a new vehicle).

Legislators and regulators are feeling the heat from a failed effort to meet air quality goals and are looking for a convenient scapegoat. The old car hobby should not carry the burden of their mistakes!

Mailed comments should be addressed to:

#08-674 (APCB) I/M Program - "Antique Vehicle"

Manda Clevenger: Mail Code 61-50

Rules Development Section/Office of Air Quality

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

100 North Senate Avenue

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

- Hand delivered comments will be accepted by the receptionist on duty at the tenth floor reception desk, Office of Air Quality, Indiana Government Center North, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.

- Comments may be submitted by facsimile at the IDEM fax number: (317) 233-2342, Monday through Friday, between 8:15 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

- Please confirm the timely receipt of faxed comments by calling the Rules Development Section at (317) 233-0426.

Comments must be postmarked, faxed, or hand delivered by March 13, 2009.

Please e-mail a copy of your letters to us at stevem@sema.org

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Here's what I ended up sending. If you get a chance drop them a line. Thanx, Phil


Attn: #08-674 (APCB) I/M Program - "Antique Vehicle"

Manda Clevenger: Mail Code 61-50

Rules Development Section/Office of Air Quality

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

I'm writing to oppose the changes to the definition of an antique car in this bill (08-674). I realize that at this time it only pertains to two counties in Indiana, but could very easily be enacted statewide in the future. Given the VERY small percentage of vehicles this will even effect, I feel this modification is a total waste of time and resources. By your own admission these cars are seldom driven and are small in numbers. Any gains in air quality achieved by focusing on such a small percentage of the automotive population would not even be measurable. Furthermore, requiring these vehicles to posses their original emission equipment and have it be fully operational is ridiculous. Most of the OEM and aftermarket parts support for these emission systems has long since vanished and may even further erode if any U.S. auto manufacturers should go bankrupt. Requiring these cars to be tested annually and restricted in mileage only adds to the frustrations of the owners and the wallets of the testing facilities. It does nothing for clean air in Indiana. These vehicles are lovingly restored, kept and maintained mostly by hobbyists like myself. Please drop this ill advised proposal and look elsewhere for legitimate reductions


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