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A little advice on stripping junkers

Guest Faust

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A local boneyard has two packards lined up for the crusher. A '38 "Eight", not Super Eight, and a '49, or so, bathtub. I can't get a good year on the latter, exterior trim is gone, as is the firewal plate.

I would like some advice on what is most worthy of rescue.

The '38, Touring Sedan, has most of the body panels. Not good, but perhaps restorable. The interior trim and dash I already took. All lights are gone. Engine is fairly complete. The car has been in the weather for a while.

The '49, four door, has lost most exterior trim and the head is off. Body seems fairly good.There are no exterior lights.

Are manifolds worth keeping, or do they last forever?

Any demand for wheels?

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Faust</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

Any demand for wheels?


I was looking a long time for the early Packard wheels; 16" with 5 lug, 5.5" bolt circle. (I found another brand that would work)

I would save the wheels. I don't know about your other questions.

EDIT; Meant to say 5" bolt circle. oops

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I can't imagine my good luck here! I was just about to post a query on what's involved in converting the cane shift lid to the R11 when I came across your post.

I have a '37 transmission from a 110 sedan currently and the R11 will replace it. Of course I wish to keep the 'stick', and I know it's possible, so the obvious question is, what will I need to do?

Any info. and insights would be most welcome! Thanks in advance......

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