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body shim ,and insulators

Guest Kejsaren

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Guest 39convertible


i´ve tryed to decide how the correct body to frame parts should look like on my 39 66c.

it seems that the convertibles had a different style of the rubber parts.

does it have something to do with the softer body?

every book i have with this data, shows that it should look similar to the setup i have on my spare parts car wich is a 46s.

but behind the description in the parts book it often says except conv. or 41,46,46s,etc etc but not 66c.

it´s not the biggest issue but it makes me curious.

Bob´s could´n tell and they dont even have the correct parts for the 46s.

someone got to know, please let me know.




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The photo is from an amazing 1939 Buick book Janne has on a 1939 Special Model 41. There is a cross linked infomation from item number in the photo Buick parts numbers

- Item 11 is insulator to body to frame

- Item 15 is shim to body to frame

- Item 23 is insulator body bolt

This is I think is what Janne is asking about

Doubt it would be much different, if at all, from the more common Century Model 61 or even on other GM cars of that era. Maybe Chevys of era used the same rubber. http://www.oldchevytrucks.com/cgi/htmlos.exe/start.htm

<span style="font-size: 8pt">(Ok : I know we dont talk about Ch** here, but they are GM) </span>

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Guest 39convertible


when you look at the pictures and compare it whith the books,lists and what you can buy, it makes you wonder.

i´m sure the it´s not so simple.

i should dig up some evidens. :-))


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From https://secure.steelerubber.com/ selecting 1939 Buick

Has images as below (#131576 at the <span style="font-weight: bold">TOP)</span>

Often reseller sell Steele products for less than Steele

Would not be suprised if many people just put any lump of rubber they can get

<span style="font-style: italic">Insulator, body bolt. Replaces factory #1303398.

* 1938: All 40 & 60 closed models. For #2-3 bolts.

1939: All 40 & 60 closed models, for #2-3-4-5 bolts

1939: Model 40 & 60 convertibles, for #6 bolt

50-0498-48.....$ 10.60/ea.</span>


<span style="font-style: italic">Shim, body sill. For #1 bolt holding body. Replaces #131576 for:

1937-39: Series 40 & 60 (<span style="font-weight: bold">except conv'ts.</span>)

1940: Series 40,50,60 & 70 (except convertibles)

50-0233-48.....$ 10.60/ea.</span>



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