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1990 convertible rear glass adhesion

Guest xerxes

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The convertible top rear window is "heat laminated" into place. Is there any way to reattach the window to the top if it has lost its ashesion? Does anyone have any experience doing this? The top is in good condition except for this.



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We have discussed this before. It is something you need to be aware of when purchasing a new top...some tops come without a rear window and you must transfer your back window to the new top. I have no idea of the instructions the top company includes or how a top shop would handle the problem.

My thoughts, (1) you must find the right adhesive. (2) the area must be clean.

Last, and maybe the most important, the joint needs to be clamped. You may need to make some wood or plastic strips to apply pressure to both the inside and outside and somehow clamp them together until dry.

The bottom area would not be too bad as you could get some clamps on that area, but as you go up the sides and across the top, it would take some special clamps.

I believe that if you just put adhesive in the crack and hope it seals, you are living a fantasy.

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there are only two companies in the US who make Reatta convertible tops, and neither (thankfully) offer tops without windows.

the "top without a window" is only available for tops that have a "curtain". translated, this means the window is the zip-in type, not one that is attached adhesively to the top like the Reatta has.

there are two reasons for the Reatta convertible window delamination, and they are interconnected.

1) the top has shrunk. many owners are not aware, but if you can see the window gaskets over the side windows, the top has shrunk. just because it has no holes or rips does not mean it doesn't need replacement.

2) the top shrinks everywhere as it ages. this in turn pulls on the rear glass, and the delamination occurs.

many attempts at rebonding the glass are attempted, but few succeed. this is very similar to attempting to rebond the hard rubber front track on the door glass; it just doesn't work.

in both cases, the items should be replaced.



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I agree, the best answer is to replace, but (and this is a big but), not everyone can afford the right answer and supplies are liable to dwindle at some point in the near future.

For both of these issues, preservation is important and may require a short term solution. It would seem that with the improvements in adhesives, rebonding of the glass in both cases should be possible today.

My recent acquisition is a good example - there is a proper top that will not have the shrinkage issue in the future but must wait until my life is free from lawyers. In the meantime, the vinyl top and rear window are servicable and provide protection from the elements. I just cannot leave it down for long periods and expect it to latch properly.

Similarly I will store the delaminated driver's window until a rebonding method exists. Would think it simple in comparison to glueing ablative panels to the shuttle. But in the meantime will try to ensure the windows are adjusted to minimise stress on the channel.

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How are you doing in getting the convertible top I ordered from buickreatta.com last August? Seems like it is taking a long time since it is now the following March.

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